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Here is my collection of various links and hacks of interest for me and possibly someone else..

My future project when I'm retiring: My Lotus Europa S1
My Zündapps: a CS 50 and a CX 50
My old Masters Thesis: Hardware MP3 Encoder
My company: ElectronIT LABS AB
A good swedish buy and sell page: säljes
One of my Eprom Programmers: Takeda-Riken SUPER-EX Eprom Programmer model SE4941
Picture of keys from a MacBook Aluminium looks remove removed key. MacBook Aluminium Late-2008 key pictures
Another way to eject a stuck cd/dvd in a mac mini mac mini eject dvd cd hw way
ELM327 bluetooth Elm tjosan
Here I'm collecting Datasheets
Small fix of problem installing ubuntu 14.04 for gigabyte brix pro GB.Bxi7-4770R due to rtl8821ae bug
Sevcon Gen4 CanOpen emergency error codes Sevcon Gen4 Emergency ECY codes

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