Links Hacks etc.
Here is my collection of various links and hacks of interest for me and possibly someone else..

My future project when I'm retiring: My Lotus Europa S1
My Zündapps: a CS 50 and a CX 50
My old Masters Thesis: Hardware MP3 Encoder
My company: ElectronIT LABS AB
A good swedish buy and sell page: säljes
One of my Eprom Programmers: Takeda-Riken SUPER-EX Eprom Programmer model SE4941
Picture of keys from a MacBook Aluminium looks remove removed key. MacBook Aluminium Late-2008 key pictures
Another way to eject a stuck cd/dvd in a mac mini mac mini eject dvd cd hw way
ELM327 bluetooth Elm tjosan
Here I'm collecting Datasheets
Sevcon Gen4 CanOpen emergency error codes Sevcon Gen4 Emergency ECY codes
Small fix of problem installing ubuntu 14.04 for gigabyte brix pro GB.Bxi7-4770R due to rtl8821ae bug
My Brix was dead and could not start or boot gigabyte brix is dead and will not start wont boot

Bulgarisk linssoppa
Lax i ugn

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