This is a quick page to fix Gigabyte Brix Pro mini computer.
One day after power went down it wouldn't start. My version is M4HM87P Brix Pro ultra compact PC. Also called Gigabyte GB-BXi7-4470R . But I guess this problem exists in many other versions.

Problem is that it is dead. Nothing happens when pressing power button.

Solution: change internal memory. I changed the cr2032 battery and now it works.
I guess about 4 years will mean that the battery is all depleted. I measured around 1.5 volt (should be 3).
I just removed the welded stuff from the battery and used heat shrink around it. Let the crimping make the connection, no soldering or welding..
Also.. I used a cr2025 since i had no cr2032 so I guess I will need to replace it in like 2.5 years again or so..
Another thing.. it would not fit in its original place so I placed it on the side of the fan vertically.

Pictures will be included soon.

email: jan(snabel-a)

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