Super-Ex Eprom Programmer SE 4941

This is a page that I wrote because I bought an Eprom Programmer without a
manual. I could not find any manual on the net or anywhere else so I decided
to try to figure it out how the thing worked.

NOTE! Thanks to Ulf Kiener! He gave me instructions how to use the programmer!
Instructions from him are at the end of this page.

Update with scans provided by
McNilith ?
Hannover (Germany)
 - Thanks!



The machine has 7 LED:s and 16+8 buttons and some 7-segment display chars.
It has also a rs232 25-pin Serial port and a 34pin Debug Ram port on the
back. Also in the back is a power button and a fuse (T 0.315 A, 85-249V).
Of course it also has a ZIF-socket that can have 24 or 28 pin eprom devices.

Debug Ram	
-Device leds
| Blank
| Program
| Read
| Copy
| Erase

Rom Type
8 (Copy)
9 (Erase)
A (P.R.) (Program+Read)
C (Blank)
D (Program)
E (Read)
F (B.P.R) (Blank+Program+Read)

Rom Type (3 chars)
Command (2 chars)
Address/Start (4 chars)
Ram (2 chars)
Rom (2 chars)
(Ram+Rom can also display a 4 character Stop/Sum)


The leds in the device section must be set to one of the seven operating
modes: Blank, Program, Read, Copy, Erase, Program+Read (P.R) or
Blank+Program+Read (B.P.R)

To select a mode:
1. Press "Device"  - a "d" will be displayed in the Command display: "d "
2. Enter mode from the hex-keys, press "E (read)" for read.
   The display will show "dE"
3. Press "Set" and the Device-led Read will be set. Also the M.U.P-led is

Select+F+Set = address up count, mode blank

=Rom Type=
To select Rom Type:
1. Press "Rom Type" - a "r" will be displayed in the Command display: "r"
2. Enter rom code  - code will be diplayed in the address display "64"
3. Press Set - Rom Type will show "64"

Some valid rom codes:

Code	Size	Vpp	Device names
16	16K	25	MB8516,MBM2716,HN462716
216??	16K	EE

32	32K	25	MB8532,MBM2732,HN462732
32A	32K	21	Am2732A,MBM2732A,MBM27C32A,HN482732A,HN482732AG
532	32K	25	HN462532
632	32K	25	MCM2532
232??	32K	EE

63	64K	21	Am2764,HN482764,HN482764G,HN27C64,HN27C64G,HN27C64P
F64	64K	21	MBM2764,MBM27C64
8064	64K	EE	HN58064,HN58064P
564	64K	25	TMS2564
664	64K	25	MCM68764,MCM68766
D64	64K	21	RD687C64
264	??	EE
A64	??	12.5
B64	??	12.75
6064	64K	13.5	WS27C64F,WS57C64F

128	128K	21	Am27128,HN4827128G,
F28	128K	21	MBM27128,MBM27C128,MBM27C128P
6028	128K	13.5	WS27C128F,WS57C128F
2128??	128K	EE

F128 ?
A28 ??

Using mode read, romcode 128:
select+0+set = debug ram lights, 10 seconds error d0 ("Err d0")
select+1+set = waits 2sec then ram="C0" and rom="00" (romcode 128/16).
               Showed " 286" once after playing some...
select+2+set = address="0" ram/rom="3fff" with romcode=128. with romcode 16 shows 0/7ff
select+3+set = same as above
select+4+set = "Err 40"
select+5+set = "Err 40"
select+6+set = Shows address="0" and ram/rom="2A18", waits 10,5 sec, then "Err 8d" (romcode 128/16)
select+7+set = Same as above
select+8+set = Nothing happens ?
select+9+set = Same as select+6+set, except for no "Err 8d"
select+a+set = Very strange, shows "480 SA 7EP2 10" in the display.
select+b+set = Nothing happens, the display shows previous data.
select+c+set = Same as above
select+d+set = Seems to be self test? All lights up.
select+e+set = Strange, adress shows "0", arrow-up increases and when it shows "8" ram/rom shows "AA20"
               at "9" it shows "AAAA" and after pressing arrow-up once again it shows "PASS" in the
               address windows and beeps a sec. After that it shows address "0" and rom="AA"
select+f+set = Address starts to count up and counts to the size of the rom.

* Errors

06 = No such mode
43 = Device+B+Set?


More info: Other models are SE4943 TR-6141 TR4943 TR-4943. Might work for
SE4942 too?
Maybe Advantest
It seems like it can use some of the same codes as the TR-4943 device at
advantest homepage below:

------------ Instructions from  Ulf Kiener, Germany  --------------------------
the serial Port will be as follow connected

25 on Com1 25 on 49xx


Try to use a changer form 25 to 9 pin connector for your Computer.

To load any Data on HDD you must use the Program 49xx.exe
If you don't have the Program, mail me i will send it to you.
Serial settings 9600,8,N,1

Press SELECT ROM TYPE, select your Rom Type, press SET.

To load the Data into the SE 4941
press DEVICE COPY SET DEVICE SET, this will be read out the E-Prom.
Then you can upload the Rom Data as MOTOROLA
Selecting SELECT PAGE arrow left, right,up or down change to MOTOROLA then

Further press Select C SET, don't select TERMINAL, use only CPU.
The Data will be HEX Files,

On the www you can download HEXBIN and BIN2HEX to convert the Hex Files

To edit your Files HEXBIN [Hexfilename] use Motorola
edit your File, then convert BIN -> HEX with BIN2HEX,
caution as ask 16,32 or 64 Bit use only 16 Bit to upload your modified

Upload your file with 49xx.exe press RESET
SELECT C SET (to set the SE 4341 to the Computer)
press DEVICE BPR SET DEVICE SET and it burns.

I work with an old 486/sx25 Notebook but it works....

best regards Ulf Kiener

--------------------- end of instructions -------------------------------------
The 49xx.exe is a zip file and available upon request. (hacks/
Also check out the se4945 page for more info.

email: jan(snabel-a)

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